World Influencers Unite

Come, gather ’round, both near and far,

To Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat’s shining star,

A platform built for minds to meet,

Where world influencers’ paths shall greet.


In this realm of ideas, we unite,

With hearts alight and spirits bright,

No borders here, no walls to bar,

A space where minds can stretch and spar.


Philosophers, come share your thought,

With wisdom’s fire, let truth be sought,

The depths of reason, let us plumb,

And find the answers yet to come.


Poets, bring forth your lyrical grace,

Painting emotions upon this space,

In verses sweet, let feelings flow,

In symphonies of words that glow.


Artists, with brushes, colors bold,

Let your visions and stories unfold,

A canvas vast for your creations,

A world that speaks to generations.


Scholars, delve into knowledge’s seas,

Unraveling mysteries with ease,

The treasure troves of learning vast,

On this platform, they’ll be amassed.


Leaders, with vision and hearts so grand,

Come, take your stand, make your demand,

For a better world, let’s strive,

In unity, let hope survive.


Activists, your voices raise,

Unite the world in righteous ways,

Against injustice, let’s unite,

Spreading love and shining light.


From every nation, tribe, and land,

Let’s join together, hand in hand,

In this vast symphony of thought,

Where ideas and dreams are wrought.


A tapestry of diverse minds,

The World Influencers Platform finds,

A stage for all, both great and small,

Together, we shall stand tall.


Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat extends the call,

To gather here, to share, and enthrall,

A platform that transcends all divide,

Where hearts and minds can coincide.


So come, influencers, take your place,

In this grand and global embrace,

Let’s shape a world of hope and peace,

Where understanding will never cease.

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