The world influencers

In the realm of hearts and minds, they stand,

The world influencers, a noble band,

With words that soar on wings of light,

Guiding humanity through day and night.


Beneath the sky’s eternal dome,

They’re voices heard, in every home,

From distant lands to oceans wide,

Their thoughts and dreams, a boundless tide.


In wisdom’s temple, they reside,

Their thoughts like stars, a celestial guide,

Their pens, the quills of angels’ flight,

Illuminating darkness with insight.


In every word, a power lies,

To lift us up or make us wise,

They weave a tapestry of thought,

A symphony of ideas, finely wrought.


The poets’ verses, like gentle streams,

Flow through the hearts of those in dreams,

They speak of love and loss and strife,

Of human nature’s precious life.


The scholars delve in ancient lore,

Unraveling mysteries of yore,

Their intellect, a blazing sun,

Unveiling truths, one by one.


Philosophers, with minds profound,

Ask questions that echo all around,

They ponder life’s profound design,

Seeking answers, oh so fine.


Artists paint the world in hues,

Their creativity, a sacred muse,

They capture feelings, dreams, and fears,

In masterpieces that bring tears.


Leaders stand, with strength and might,

Guiding nations through darkest night,

With vision bold and hearts so true,

They shape a future bright and new.


Activists rise with passion’s fire,

To lift oppressed from chains and mire,

Their voices rise against all wrong,

A force for justice, fierce and strong.


In this grand tapestry of fate,

World influencers collaborate,

Their actions ripple far and wide,

A symphony of change, worldwide.


From every corner, they emerge,

Their legacies, the world’s converge,

The path they tread, the mark they leave,

A legacy that will not grieve.


World influencers, a guiding star,

In history’s pages, they’ll go far,

For in their hands, the world’s destiny lies,

Their voices echoing in endless skies.

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